DCY Zine Prints Signed By Stefan Holmqvist (Producer Of 'Headhunter')

Hello Dreamers!

I was away for two weeks this May, which is the first time I’ve spent so long away from home in many years. Most of this time was spent helping Lost In Cult ship out their latest volume of [lock-on], however I had a weekend in London with DCY Podcast hosts Rich and Jason. We went to a beer festival and an Anamanaguchi gig, which was incredible!

Jason left on the Saturday night, but the following evening myself and Rich were joined by another person, who flew in all the way from Spain! We spent the evening chatting, eating, drinking and watching F1. As you may have gathered from the title of this post, that person was the one and only Stefan Holmqvist, producer of Dreamcast game Headhunter, and the artist behind our incredible zine cover, ‘School Reunion’.

This is the first time I’d met Stefan in person, after a few years of chatting to him online, and it was a lovely experience… apart from the melted cheese on my vegan burger, but I can’t blame Stefan for that!!

While he was with us, I asked if he was happy to sign some prints I’d had made of his artwork. I had ordered 20, but received 120 for some reason, and he dutifully signed almost every single one! I figured some of you lovely lot might like to get your hands on something signed by an actual Dreamcast developer, so here is your chance!

For £20, including postage, you can receive an A4 print of ‘School Reunion’ on 250gsm uncoated paper stock, signed by Stefan Holmqvists fair (left) hand! Please note that there are white borders on either side of the image, however as you can see in the picture below they are not visible once framed! (P.S. – The frame I used is this one from The Range in the UK)

As you may have seen from my previous post, I also have prints of the book covers for Dreamcast: Year One and Dreamcast: Year Two for sale, signed by me. See the price list below, along with details on how to order!

Price List:

£12 = Both DCY1 & DCY2 prints, unsigned
£18 = Both DCY1 & DCY2 prints, signed
£20 = Signed Stefan print
£30 = Both DCY1 & DCY2 prints, signed and personalised
£35 = All three prints, signed
£45 = All three prints signed, DCY1 & DCY2 prints personalised
ALL include shipping!

To pay, please go to https://paypal.me/oddment84 and make sure you add your name, address and items purchased into the notes!

There’s a limit of 99 copies of each print!

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message via segadreamcastbook@gmail.com